Create Smart Business Cards

Use your card, or select from our templates to custom create your Smart Business Card

Digitize Contacts

Use CardBoard’s Cámara to Digitize all your Paper Contacts and Business Cards in an easy and seamless manner.

Smart Convert

Enter your contacts information including social media addresses to make the Business Card, Smart and Interactive

Smart in Every Platform

Create, Share and access your SmartCards in iOS and Android platforms.



SmartCards Created


SmartCards Shared

Don’t be that Guy!

Never leave your home or office without your business cards again.  Don’t worry about printing and wasting $ and paper on new business cards every time you change number or job. With CardBoard™ you will always have your business card on your SmartPhone and you will be able to have a Digital Rolodex of all your contact’s business cards.

Never Again lose contact with someone!

CardBoard™ the SmartCard™ creator.


Smart Card Updates

Smart Cards automatically get updated when your contacts changes any information on their Cards

Proximity Finder

Exchange SmartCards with contacts nearby when at meetings of conferences via our Proximity Finder

Custom Design

Create your own Smart Card with your own design or choose from pre built templates and Choose Fonts, Colors, Size and Text positions as you please


Share any SmartCard with everyone via SMS, Email, Social Media or Proximity

History Log

View a history of every shared card and with whom


Select your most frequent and favorite Smart Cards for easy access

Multiple Profiles

Have multiple SmartCards of your different businesses in your Profile.


Add a Location Icon in your SmartCard to let your contacts know how to find you in Google Maps


  1. Register

    Register in CardBoard using your email and phone number

  2. Digitize your Card

    Digitize your Business Card with CardBoard's camera or choose between our predesigned templates to create and design your custom SmartCard.

  3. Smart Convert

    Enter all of your contact information to convert the Business Card into a SmartCard

  4. SmartCard Library

    Create your SmartCard library using the CardBoard cámara and digitizing all of your paper business cards.  Enter their information to convert them to SmartCards.

  5. Share

    Once you create your SmartCard or digitize another person's card you can share the SmartCard via SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.


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